Assessment Management consulting

In many organizations, personnel costs are among the largest budget line items. Given the top challenges facing CEO’s, organizations need their leaders, managers, and people aligned and working together at the highest levels of performance.

Employee Assessment Management consulting

Employee skill assessments and employee management surveys can give organizations and managers consistent, in-depth, and objective information about their people. This includes the employee’s:

  • Fit with organizational culture, job, manager, and team
  • Knowledge, skills, job performance, and developmental needs
  • Preferred learning and communication style
  • Integrity, reliability and work ethic
  • Response to conflict and stress

Information uncovered from assessments helps leaders and managers rely less on instinct and make smarter employment decisions. The specific benefits of employee or salesperson assessments include:

  • Selecting people most likely to succeed in a job
  • Accelerating time for people to become fully productive in a new role
  • Improving alignment and communication between managers and employees
  • Reducing workforce conflict and improving employee satisfaction
  • Maximizing each employee’s contribution to the organization
  • Reducing employee absenteeism and turnover
  • Reducing frequency and cost of theft
  • Increasing sales performance and customer loyalty
  • Enabling strategic workforce management and succession planning
  • Increasing overall workforce capability, productivity, and agility

Most Valuable Uses of Assessments

Although an HR department may manage the day-to-day administration of an assessment program, these initiatives thrive in the organization when sponsored by senior leaders who are committed to building and retaining a high-performing workforce.

PXT Select

PXT Select makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. Combining over 20 years of research with powerful assessment technology, PXT Select and its intuitive suite of reports helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview.  This powerful selection assessment provides organizations with actionable objective data about candidates and employees in a simple to understand format that helps them to interview better and hire smarter.  

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Profile XT® Executive Leadership Report 

Great leaders aspire to be as effective as possible in the myriad situations they encounter. Becoming aware of your strengths to exploit, and potential challenges to address, is the first step in developing and refining leadership skills. To this end, The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report is a tool designed to illuminate your inherent executive potential and your approach to confronting challenges, while achieving excellence in leadership by predicting how your characteristics will manifest in your behaviors.

As an executive, you are responsible for engaging people, implementing policies, making decisions, and driving developments that advance organizational goals, for which stakeholders hold you accountable. The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report provides insight on the manner in which you approach meeting these responsibilities and how to utilize this knowledge to maximize your leadership talent.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

This is an assessment-based learning experience that helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent and effective way possible.

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The Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile assessment outshines other DISC tools available in the marketplace in significant ways, including:

Transformational learning. Everything DiSC focuses on the complete learning process, offering solutions that learners can easily understand and apply in their daily interactions. Only Everything DiSC goes beyond the classroom with MyEverythingDiSC®, a personalized mobile-first tool that helps learners use DiSC with their colleagues.

Simple, but not simplistic. Everything DiSC doesn’t generate a data dump of information. It translates assessment results into a personalized narrative that’s actionable and easy to remember.


Customizable and flexible programs. Each organization has unique needs. Everything DiSC provides versatile tailoring features that allow you to easily design a customized program that’s right for your organization and time constraints.


Foundation of research. Everything DiSC provides a trust-worthy assessment with strong psychometric properties. We stand by an extensive research report about the sciences behind our adaptive testing methodology, as well as a research manual that details our research and development practices. 


Expertise of trusted advisors. Our talented Authorized Partner network delivers Everything DiSC solutions to organizations worldwide.  With deep product knowledge and expertise, our Partners provide guidance and resources to help you and your learners succeed.

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Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders

An online user-friendly leadership assessment built around employee behaviors at work and their leadership preferences. After completing a short assessment a detailed narrative report is returned containing detailed information about leadership styles, characteristics, priorities and vision. The report is generated using leadership best practices and the official DiSC circular model. The Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile provides the respondent with a DiSC-based leadership-specific color report.

A completed assessment includes a 23-page personalized report including:

  • Easy-to-understand narrative feedback
  • Cornerstone leadership principles
  • Overview of DiSC styles
  • Priorities to shape leadership experiences
  • Vision, alignment and execution process
  • Tips for becoming a better leader
  • Your action plan
  • Free supplemental report for deeper discussion of your DiSC style

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict


The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict will explore workplace conflict. Clearly one of the most stressful, awkward, and inevitable experiences in the workplace is inter-personal conflict. Now we have a tool and training materials focused on workplace conflict using the language of DiSC. With all the attention placed on conflict resolution maybe it is time to change our view of conflict and resolve how we can use it in a positive way in the workplace.


Learn how to leverage conflict so you can use it in a positive way in your organization.

Conflict may be influenced by an organization’s culture, hierarchy, working styles, and everyday human relationships. While it is a common part of any working relationship, people’s response to conflict is entirely in their control. Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict improves self-awareness around conflict situations, highlighting how DiSC® can help you recognize destructive conflict behaviors and make a decision to react differently.

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Checkpoint 360°® (CP360)

The CheckPoint Management System is a 360-degree assessment. It is used primarily to evaluate the effectiveness of your managers and leaders, and helps them identify and prioritize their own development opportunities.

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Sales Checkpoint 180™ 

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ is a 180-degree feedback system that helps sales managers evaluate salespeople, pinpoint their development needs, and align priorities in order to improve performance.

It provides useful information that helps you:

1.  Support better coaching and communication

2.  Improve salesperson productivity and satisfaction

3.  Reduce lower turnover

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Profiles Sales Assessment™ (PSA)

The Profiles Sales Assessment™ (PSA) measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization. It is used primarily for selecting, onboarding, and managing sales people and account managers. The “job modeling” feature of the PSA is unique, and can be customized by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors.

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