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Employee Engagement: Are your Workers "Checked in" or "Checked Out"

By Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed


Employers large and small are concerned about the question of employee engagement. Increasingly experts are finding that most American workers are not very “engaged” on the job. By definition engaged employees are more productive, in tune with the organization’s goals, and enthusiastic about performing their jobs. However, surveys conducted by the Gallup Organization paint a very dark picture when it comes to the question “How engaged are American workers?” The answer is… Not very engaged.


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Performance Appraisals That Transform Employee Performance

By Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed


Have you ever wondered exactly how many employees hate receiving regular performance reviews? The answer is … probably most of them! No one enjoys receiving negative feedback and employee performance reviews are often viewed as one-way discussions leading to criticism of the employee. However, the reverse is also true. Few supervisors enjoy conducting reviews, because most people don’t enjoy giving negative feedback either. But performance reviews don’t have to be annual “torture sessions.” With a little advance planning you can conduct performance reviews that you and your employees find informative, useful and (hopefully) effective.


Article - Appraisals That Transform Perf[...]
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Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Managers

By Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed


When a new year arrives it becomes customary to formulate some resolutions for the next 12 months. But rather than wrestle with the usual goals about of money, health, or relationships, managers may wish to consider resolutions dealing with ways to improve their supervisory skills and maximize success for themselves and their employees. Below are goals to consider for a productive, successful year ahead. So, for 2017 managers should consider the following resolutions:


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Are Your People Stuck in Meeting Gridlock? 

By Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed


If it feels like you’re spending too much time in meetings without getting much done you aren’t alone. According to research reported by Atlassian, a software development company, the average employee spends approximately 31 hours per month attending as many as 62 meetings.


Article - Are Your People Stuck in Meeti[...]
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It May Be Time to “Supercharge” Your Team

By Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed


Whenever NASCAR racers zoom around a track their drivers have to rely on gauge for critical information. Without those instruments a driver wouldn’t know when to pull into the pits for more fuel and a fresh set of tires. That’s when the pit crew leaps into action, rapidly replacing all four tires and dumping gallons of fuel into the car, all in less than 20 seconds! For NASCAR racers that kind of speed is critical. Even a few additional seconds could make all the difference between winning and losing! Effective teamwork is the critical factor.


Article - It May Be Time to Supercharge [...]
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Should You Be Managing or Should You Be Coaching?

By Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed 


Do you think of yourself more as a manager or as a Coach? Knowing when to manage your employees and when to coach them may spell the difference between a workplace that’s wallowing in frustration or one that’s bursting with enthusiasm. The trick is to know when to wear the “manager” cap and when to wear the “coach” cap.


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