The Evolution of Talent Management Consulting

The Days of using Talent Management as a term for a set of loosely related HR activities have passed. Nowadays, successful organizations have focused their talent management activities—recruiting, hiring, onboarding, performance management, employee development, team building, and succession planning—into a tight-knit “strategic workforce plan,” which seeks to optimize business processes, people development, and productivity via robust employee assessments and an ever-growing field of professional talent management consultants. [ View PDF ]


Employee Lifecycle Glossary

The employee lifecycle includes every step an employee goes through, from the time they enter an organization until they leave. The goal of many companies and human resource departments is to streamline their processes, with the objective of positively affecting the company’s bottom line while maintaining engaged and productive employees. [ View PDF ]


Leaders Guide to Successful Team Building

When we underestimate the importance of each member on a team, group dynamics has a tendency to fall apart. Getting a feel for how an individual responds to conflict could prevent some major stress and tension within the group down the road. The easiest way to reveal this vital information can be through the use of assessments. Similar to Aesop’s Fable, it is important to recognize an individual’s distinct skills, behaviors, and strengths in order to utilize the team dynamics and achieve an effective team. [ View PDF ]


Entrepreneurship The Sometimes Messy Art of Creating a Business Masterpiece eBook

Going into business for yourself can be one of the most rewarding, exhilarating, and best decisions you ever make in your life. But, it can take years of hard work, struggle, and failure to be one of the few who ever gets to experience the joys of entrepreneurship. [ View PDF ]


The Executives Guide to Succession Planning

It's called succession planning: the process for identifying and developing the people within an organization, with the potential to fill key business and leadership positions in the future. When implemented incisively, succession planning should be a natural progression. [ View PDF ]


12 Tips that Spell Productivity

Productivity: it’s something everybody wants, and everyone could have more of. But it’s not as simple as doing a lot of stuff; it’s actually producing. It’s a measure of the efficiency of production expressed by output. Increasing productivity in the workplace can be a frustrating and timely task. This eBook is designed to simply and efficiently give you the tools you need to be more productive, with statistics, tips, and anecdotes so that you can begin to get the most productivity out of each working day. [ View PDF ]


Talent Acquisition and the War for Talent

You can have recruitment without talent acquisition, but you cannot have talent acquisition without recruitment. Recruitment (at least the definition) is simple: finding talent to fill open positions. Talent acquisition, however, is a much bigger animal. Talent acquisition takes into account future roles that will need to be filled, and future gaps in talent that may arise. These positions can be identified by looking at the current organizational plan, or looking back on the organization’s history to learn patterns that may arise in the future. In some instances, a talent acquisition strategy may project a need for positions that don’t even exist in the organization yet. Talent acquisition is an all-encompassing talent strategy for the employee lifecycle, and recruitment is the first stage. [ View PDF ]


The Salesmans Almanac

The biggest thing salespeople will need to do to overcome the hurdles of a changing sales climate is to incorporate more technology in their strategy. LinkedIn, for example, has several features salespeople can use to generate leads, especially in B2B sales. [ View PDF ]


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