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Do your employees look forward to coming to work? Imagine a workplace filled with engaged, productive, and goal-oriented employees…a work environment that fosters high productivity and fast results. With the help of KEYGroup® Consulting, that workplace can be yours. For over 30 years, our diverse and international team of executive coaching consultants has worked with companies like yours to attract, retain and get the most from your talent – all while providing a positive return on investment. We recognize that each client has different needs, so every program is customized to create the best fit for growth.

  • Is employee turnover killing your bottom line?
  • Is your management team dysfunctional?
  • Are your employees really engaged and productive?

Contact us today to see how your customized corporate leadership development program can grow your company. Our executive coaching assessment tools are proven to give results in all kinds of businesses throughout the world.


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In many organizations, personnel costs are among the largest budget line items. Reducing turnover by 20% can create savings of $300,000 per year. Hire efficiently the first time. 


Our human resource management system is designed for executives, managers and human resource professionals who want to select the right employee for the job, retain them, enhance their performance, and build their leadership skills. 


Want to find out what makes you’re A-players tick? Trying to leverage the performance of your future leaders? Looking for ways to retain your top talent? 

We start with our research-based and validated tools and develop best-practice training for your organization to increase retention and plan for succession while achieving a return on investment. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a customized coaching process that motivates and challenges your employees to think and lead more strategically and effectively.


Our customized approach gives leaders the information, feedback, self-insight, and opportunity to implement this enhanced leadership approach in real-time. Your unique objectives are incorporated into the customization to ensure participants address relevant challenges specific to your organization.

For more than 30 years, our executive coaching consultants have been assisting clients throughout the country in every field of business. From banking to health care, KEYGroup® has experience assisting clients with companies of all sizes.


Our team of executive coaching consultants in Pittsburgh, PA has designed an organization with specific high standards of ethics, practicality, and integrity. Through regular assessment and redesign of our leadership training programs, executive coaching programs and more, we are qualified to be the executive coaching company which improves your business.

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