Imagine a workplace filled with engaged, productive, and goal-oriented
employees…a work environment that fosters high productivity and results.
With the help of KEYGroup®, that organization can be yours!

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Increase employee retention
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Gain return on investment in leadership development

…look no further than KEYGroup®. For over 30 years, KEYGroup® consultants have worked with companies like yours, creating cool workplaces that attract, retain, and get the most from your talent while providing a return on investment.

Small enough to give every client personalized service yet big enough to serve even the world's largest companies, KEYGroup® emphasizes results-oriented programs based on careful analysis of every client's needs and active participation from learners. KEYGroup® The Leadership Training Experts!

Do You Have Inspirational Leaders or Incompetent Managers?
Leadership Training that enables your leaders to grow your organization and its competitive advantage. Develop your leaders through intensive leadership training, where participation and practice positively affect daily performance.
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Losing Money Over Bad Hiring Decisions?
Our Employee Assessment Solutions will improve productivity, reduce hiring costs, increase retention, reduce turnover, improve succession planning decisions, place employees in the right position and gain return on investment in leadership training.
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Is Your Next Wave Of Leaders Ready To Lead?
For over 30 years, KEYGroup has been the go-to team to help leaders develop and enhance skills through assessment data, one-on-one executive coaching and action plans for enhancing and building on the executive coaching strengths - based development plan.
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Looking For A Keynote Speaker That Motivates People To Take Action?
Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed is a captivating, humorous, and motivating keynote speaker. Jan's keynote speeches have impacted organizations all over the world. Her keynote speeches are customized for audiences and are full of contemporary tips and tools. Most importantly, her keynotes have a positive impact on your bottom line and effect how leaders perform with their teams.
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