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Millennials 2.0: Empowering Generation Y

Millennials 2.0, the follow-up to co-author Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed’s best-selling book Keeping the Millennials, presents a fresh look at the challenges and opportunities of recruiting, managing and developing Millennial employees. The new book is packed with strategies for recruiting and managing Millennial employees, including tips for:

  • Building a Millennial-friendly workplace culture.
  • On-boarding new Millennial workers to get them started on the right foot.
  • Managing and minimizing intergenerational conflict.
  • Mentoring Millennials for increased motivation and productivity.
  • Coaching Millennials on their career-limiting behaviors.
  • Implementing work-flex plans that motivate Millennials.
  • Preparing tomorrow’s Millennial leaders to assume the reins of power.

Millennials 2.0 is a practical, insightful guide to getting the most out of your Millennial employees and preparing them for future leadership opportunities. It’s the indispensable book for any manager charged with leading Generation Y!

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Keeping The Millennials

Why is it that many organizations:

Spend millions in recruiting Millennials – only to lose them months later?

Purport to be college-graduate-friendly but drive away their valued 20/30-somethings?

Invest in costly employee orientations and communication workshops, yet an “us vs. them” attitude still persists between ownership, management and younger employees?

Why? This book tells you why. The authors have witnessed first-hand how many businesses pay expensive lip service to Millennials recruitment – only to alienate the very employees they just spent so much time and money hiring and training. Many say they welcome and value a young workforce only to complain about their laziness, disrespect for authority, poor work ethic and sense of entitlement.

This eye-opening book

a) explains how Millennial turnover is costing corporations around the globe billions in unnecessary, preventable turnover and

b) provides a proven approach for creating a corporate culture that attracts and keeps multiple generations

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Five Booksisbn: 0-ebkb001

All-in-one eBook Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • How to Fire Someone: A Guide for Reluctant Employers
  • How to Manage Change…And Master the Change Process
  • How to Discipline An Employee: Everything You Need to Turn Underperformers Into Valuable Employees
  • From Renter To Owner: Performance Reviews That Transform Employee Attitudes
  • Motivate Your Employees and Make Your Workplace Come Alive

 How to Manage Changeisbn: 0-ebk002

How To Manage Change…and Master the Change Process eBook

Helps you master whatever change you’re up against instead of getting fractured by it.

Sometimes, we can control change. Often, circumstances beyond our control converge in the middle of our lives. Our stable sameness goes out the window. And we find ourselves in a confused whirl wind of change. The risks frighten us. We dig in and brace for change instead of facing it squarely… [Read More]


How To Fire Someoneisbn: 0-ebk003

How To Fire Someone: A Guide for Reluctant Employers eBook

It’s never easy to fire someone, so we won’t pretend it is. But we can help you minimize the pain.

Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed has written a report that provides practical advice you can use right now. How to Fire Someone: A Guide For Reluctant Managers will walk you through this unpleasant task one step at a time. She’ll even show you how to let the employee keep their dignity throughout the process… [Read More]


 From Renter To Ownerisbn: 0-ebk005

From Renter To Owner: Performance Reviews That Transform Employee Attitudes eBook

Performance reviews matter. They matter a lot. Unfortunately, too many managers view them as a necessary evil—an interruption in an already too busy routine. They treat performance reviews as a rote obligation, something to be “breezed through” once or twice a year with minimal effort and disruption of the workday.

Order your copy of From Renter To Owner: Performance Reviews That Transform Employee Attitudes today. [Read More]


How To Give The Best Presentation isbn: 0-ebk007

How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life eBook

Your boss has asked you to give a presentation on your work at the next company meeting. You tell her you’d be happy to. But that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach tells you otherwise. You want to run away to some place, any place far away. And you think, “Oh no! What did I do to deserve this? Somebody, anybody, please save me.”

This e-book that provides you with everything you need to start maximizing your presentation skills.

Order your copy of How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life today. [Read More]


How To Discipline an Employee isbn: 0-ebk004

How To Discipline an Employee: Everything You Need To Turn Underperformers into Valued Employees eBook

So you need to discipline an employee and you’re not sure where to begin. First, be careful. This is treacherous terrain . . . but we’ve got a map for you.

Order your copy today. Make How to Discipline an Employee your first step in turning around a valuable employee . . . or getting rid of some dead weight that’s holding your company down… [Read More]


How To Motivate Your Employees isbn: 0-ebk006

Motivate Your Employees and Make Your Workplace Come Alive eBook

If you’re tired of coming up empty-handed when thinking on your feet about workplace problems, issues and questions, Motivate Your Employees and Make Your Workplace Come Alive is the book for you. There’s no need to ever get caught flat footed again. At last, here’s a compendium of more than 100 tips to give you needed, practical insight into appropriate behaviors as situations arise.

Order your copy of Motivate Your Employees and Make Your Workplace Come Alive today. [Read More]


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