The Customer Service “WOW” Factor – Does Your Company Have It?

The “WOW” Factor is what every business trys to achieve when impressing customers. Lately, many consumers have been very consciencious of the amount of money they spend because of our economic conditions.  And many businesses are finding it difficult to survive. CEO Julia Ritzenthaler of has the “WOW” Factor and it helps her business not only survive, but grow. Her company’s “WOW” Factor is helping her customers feel comfortable when they buy from her companies. She handpicks every single product that she sells in order to insure that the product maintains excellent craftmanship, quality, and durablility. In addition, she impresses her customers with friendly customer service that includes a personal call-back the same day of purchase to let her customers know their order is confirmed. However, Ms. Ritzenthaler does not stop here. She has her customer service representatives send personalized e-mails to each customer about their order along with a personalized, hand written thank you note. A customer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said she was thrilled after receiving such gracious acts of kindness and was extremely pleased with the entire customer experience. What are you doing today to “WOW” your customers to shop with you again tomorrow?

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