A Company That Gives Back – And Engages and Retains Talent

Stonyfield Farms, an organic dairy products producer, incorporates a company culture that is committed to health.  Their mission statement reads, “We’re committed to healthy food, healthy people, healthy business and a healthy planet”.  The actions the company takes to carry out this mission,  are truly remarkable.   To adhere to their core values, each year Stonyfield gives 10% of their profits to help protect and restore the earth.  So far, they have contributed over $12 million of their profits to the Profits for Planet program, which allocates the money to nonprofit organizations who are committed to restoring the environment.   And, their corporate social responsibility has not hindered their growth one bit.  In the last 18 years, Stonyfield Farms has had an annual growth rate of over 24%. 

Of course it is not only the corporate contributions that embody their commitment to health, but it is the dedication of their workforce as well.  Through Stonyfield’s “Make a Difference” Program, employees are encouraged to participate in community service projects during the week.   Stonyfield will pay the employees up to 16 hours of work each year to encourage their employees to get involved and volunteer.   Also, Stonyfield cares about rewarding their most loyal and dedicated workers who have been with the company for at least five years.   The company supports a sabbatical program where employees are able to take 8 weeks of paid time off.  As a result of their revolutionary practices, 76% of Stonyfield employees feel that they have a great work/life balance.  What is your organization doing to encourage your employees to give back?

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