Promotions and Special Assignments for your Millennials

Earlier generations often looked at special work assignments in a negative light. However, today’s Millennial employees tend to view special assignments and organizational task teams as a recognition of their abilities. It’s more than just a refreshing break from the same old routine; Millennials view these as a special acknowledgement for their accomplishments.


The same can be said of routine promotions. Millennials are not averse to paying their dues as past generations have done, but they expect to be rewarded when they are ready, not when they have enough tenure. In their minds, it has nothing to do with age, length of service or position.


And when your Millennial employees are ready to be promoted to a management position, they may not realize that older or more mature workers might be resentful of the change. Millennials are already used to managing multi-generational workforces from their experience in the fast-food industry or in retail, so they tend not to be as hung up on hierarchy and social status.


Are there any projects or special assignments that your Millennial employees can take charge of?

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