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How to Keep Your Millennials or Lose Them – The Performance Review

Millennials have earned the nickname “free agents” because people expect them to offer themselves to the highest bidder, all career prospects aside. But in reality, this younger generation isn’t really different from previous generations in their desire to climb the corporate ladder.   Millennials expect to go far and fast, because they bring unique skills, [...]

Jan Ferri-Reed on WPXI’s “Talking Pittsburgh” discussing “Keeping The Millennials”

Promotions and Special Assignments for your Millennials

Earlier generations often looked at special work assignments in a negative light. However, today’s Millennial employees tend to view special assignments and organizational task teams as a recognition of their abilities. It’s more than just a refreshing break from the same old routine; Millennials view these as a special acknowledgement for their accomplishments.   The [...]

Is the Price Right for Your Millennials?

A 2008 survey from KEYGroup revealed that salary is not the sole attractor for Millennials. In fact, it ranked fourth, preceded by health benefits, work-life balance and promotional opportunities.   That’s not to say that Millennials don’t like money. They understand how the world works, and for many of them, the things they like to [...]

Whose Time is it Really? Millennials’ Take on Flextime

Most modern organizations have moved past the paradigm of paying workers to clock in and clock out. However, most Millennials still feel like they are simply being paid for the use of their “time.”   Although most companies provide generous vacation and personal time, Millennials still feel that their time is their own and not [...]