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Speaking to a Multi-Generational Audience

Obviously, speaking to a multi-generational audience can be challenging. How can you meet the unique needs of each audience member while keeping everyone “on the same page?” Many speakers resort to visuals – handouts, videos and PowerPoint slides – to make their presentations livelier and hold audience interest. That seems logical, given that each generation [...]

KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live

Kristine Sorensen of KDKA News in Pittsburgh interviews Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky on the book Keeping the Millennials.  Joanne offers tips on pleasing the newest generation entering the workplace.  Click the link to watch the segment!

Joe Strecker from Clear Channel in Cincinnati talks to Joanne about her book!

Radio Interview: Joanne speaks to Joe Strecker, from Clear Channel Cincinnati, The 55KRC Morning Show, about her book! Click the link below to listen!

Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed Talks About The Book Keeping The Millennials With Radio Host Kathryn Zox Listen to Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed and Kathryn Zox, radio host, discuss the new book, Keeping The Millennials: Why Companies Are Losing Billions In Turnover To This Generation And What To Do About It. The book will be in bookstores on June 9th.

Millennials and the Economy – a Repeat Performance?

When Generation Xers– began joining the workforce they were faced with a sharp economic decline. Now the same fate has befallen the Millennials themselves. Will they cope the same way? Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980) was the first real “children of divorce.” They grew up in tumultuous times, including a steep recession [...]

‘Leveling Up’ With Millennials

When it comes to designing corporate onboarding (formerly called “orientation”) programs for Generation Y employees we can learn a few things from video games. Traditional orientation programs are intended to help an organization’s newest employees get off to a strong start. But most programs are jam-packed, one-day, top-down, one-way communications. Company vision, history, operations, and [...]